Flexicalls Voiceline is an alternate to your traditional phone service. Flexicalls Voiceline allows you to use your telephone and internet connection anywhere in the world to make and receive telephone calls.  Since all calls are routed through the internet,  the cost is less and the rates are lower.

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Low rates - Great calling plans

There is a Voiceline calling plan to meet your needs wherever in the world you are located.

Friends and relatives call for less

Choose a US or UK phone number anywhere in the world you are. Your US and UK callers will thank you.

FREE calls - Greater savings

If you choose a monthly plan, Voiceline to Voiceline calls are free. 


Standard Calling Features:

  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way calling 
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Selective call blocking

Convenient Features

  • Online billing
  • Email notification of Voicemail
  • Access to Voicemail from any computer on the Internet
  • Send voicemail as Email attachments
  • Multi-lingual voice prompts
  • Choose your area code regardless of location
  • US and UK toll free numbers available
  • Add as many virtual numbers as you like

Worldwide Connectivity

Your Flexicalls Voiceline telephone number is linked to your telephone adapter and not a physical location, therefore your service can travel to Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean or anywhere your next trip takes you. When you receive a call on your Voiceline number, your phone will ring just as it would at home. 

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Calling plans start as low as $10.00 a month

Choose a calling plan based on your calling pattern. Our "bucket-of-minutes" plan are designed for customers who make most of their calls to a specific region. 

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Unlimited Calling plans start at $29.99 a month

Whether you live in the US/Canada, Europe, Asia, Caribbean... you will benefit from unlimited, unconditional calling  for one set price per month.

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No Contracts

With Flexicalls there are no monthly or yearly contracts to sign. Pay for your service when you need to use it.. That's it.


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